Tribute to our CEO

The Isramworld Portfolio of Brands announces with sadness the passing of its long-time CEO and Owner, A. Ady Gelber. Ady died peacefully on April 10. We extend our sympathy to his children, grandchildren and the entire multi-national Isramworld family.

Born in Romania in 1937, Ady and his family survived the Holocaust in Bucharest and immigrated to Israel after its birth in 1948. His career in travel began with Alitalia and El Al, eventually bringing him to New York and the presidency of Isram Travel. In his more than four decades at its helm, Ady's energy and creativity transformed a one-destination "ethnic" tour operator, into a multi-subsidiary conglomerate sending tens of thousands of American travelers annually to some 60 countries. Despite the company's expansion, tourism to Israel remained dear to Ady's heart and for many years Isram was America's largest tour operator to the Holy Land.

Once asked what he felt was his greatest professional accomplishment, Ady responded "being the first tour operator to offer tours to Israel and Egypt in 1979, and opening our own office in Cairo."

"The entire Isramworld team of employees on 4 continents mourns Ady's departure from us, and we will continue to strive and expand in his memory," said Richard Krieger, President of The Isramworld Portfolio of Brands, "there can be no greater testimony to Ady's ongoing vision and legacy."

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